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Göksel Kartal - The Art of Taksim

Sing Out! "He uses embellishments that would sound at home in the repertoire of a flamenco guitarist. Kartal's fingers race over the strings in scintillating chromatic runs. To top it off, the sound quality is excellent and the liner notes are quite thorough. This is another high quality recording from Traditional Crossroads." NAIRD 1994 winner for Best String Recording Pulse! "When Kartal's fingers fly over the strings, sparks fly!" Dirty Linen "Goksel Kartal is one of the foremost players of the kanun, (Pronounced kah'-noon), a Middle-Eastern zither-like instrument which has over 70 strings grouped in triplicate and which is plucked like a harp. Kartal, who is a Turkish virtuoso and accompanied here by a darbuka player, plays a difficult form of Middle Eastern improvisation called taksim. Like Paco de Lucia, with whom he has been compared, Kartal draws from the European Gypsy tradition and the music shares some stylistic similarities to Spanish Flemenco. This state of the art recording should appeal to raga aficionados as well as to anyone interested in classical forms of Middle Eastern music. Extensive annotations are included." Album profile: Göksel Kartal has toured throughout the Middle East, Europe and the United States exposing audiences to the kanun, the ancient harp of the Middle East. He has been recognized throughout the world as one of the foremost Turkish virtuosos of the kanun, incorporating elements from Spanish Flamenco guitar technique to Western Classical styles. He is presented here in the art of Taksim, Middle Eastern Improvisation. Our first recording on the Digital Audiophile series. 1. Acem Asiran Saz Semai 6:37 2. Sultani Yegah Longa 5:06 3. Ussak taksim 5:22 4. Rast taksim 4:04 5. Saba taksim 4:39 6. Kürdili hicazkâr Saz Semai 5:43 7. Hicaz taksim 4:53 8. Nihavent taksim 3:38 9. Nihavent Longa 3:44 10. Hüzzam taksim 4:23 11. Nihavent Saz Semai 3:44

Göksel Kartal - The Art of Taksim
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