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World-Renowned Recording Artists

Traditional Crossroads in New York City produces some of the most accomplished world recording artists and cultural musicians in the world. Our recordings serve to strike a cultural and historical chord for audiophiles around the world.

Acclaimed Recordings

Our best-known recordings include Iranian kamancha master Kayhan Kalhor's debut, Scattering Stars Like Dust. We have also recorded the work of legendary performer Djivan Gasparyan. A master of the the 1,500-year-old flute (or duduk - an Armenian instrument carved from the trunk of an apricot root), Gasparyan was introduced to Western audiences after Peter Gabriel and Tim Robbins used his instrumentals for the musical soundtracks of their films The Last Temptation of Christ and Dead Man Walking, respectively. Our catalog also includes two of Gasparyan's definitive recordings, Ask Me No Questions and Apricots from Eden.

Master Artists

Our productions have spread around the world, with recordings from Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Cuba, Israel, Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Hungary, Senegaal, Mali, China, and many other regions. 

Alicia Svigals, Founding member of The Klezmatics' - Fidl'
• Persian tar virtuoso Hossein Alizadeh
• Kora Player Morikeba Kouyate from one of Senegal's most  renowned Griot Families
• Kalman Balogh's Hungarian Gypsy Cimbalom Band
Ivo Papasov & Yuri Yunakov - Together Again

• Persian Master-Vocalist M.R. Shajarian's Ground-Breaking                               Recording Night Silence Desert
• Ravi Shankar Sitar protige, Kartik Seshadri
• China's Pipa Virtuoso Wu Man
• Archival Reissues Of Premiere Irish Musicians Of 1920s America

Adventurous Musical Destinations

Our live field-recordings include a collection of Cuban ensembles performing the music known as Changui, as well as the legacy of traditional Afghani music recorded by ethnomusicologist Mark Slobin in in the mountains of pre-war Afghanistan. Completely unedited, the two-CD set, titled Afghanistan Untouched (CD 4319), includes a 60-page booklet outlining Slobin's fascinating research.